Happy Saturday!!

Went to our local humane society for volunteer orientation today and had so much fun. I think I fell in love with all of the fur babies there and it makes you love them even more after you hear about their stories and backgrounds and yet they are still just so happy and lovable. I know I say this all the time, but SERIOUSLY, how could anyone ever mistreat such an innocent creature?! Drives me crazy. Can’t wait till I graduate so I can start prosecuting all these scumballs. I’m gonna take them all down!! There was this one sweet baby Apollo…check out his video below. This little guy was dropped off completely emaciated and so matted that the mats covered his eyes and he had been living blind for who knows how long. Once they shaved off all his matted hair, they found nothing but a 3 lb. skeleton. He looked SO much better though today thanks to all the wonderful people at GBHS and he will be able to find a new loving home as soon as he gains all his weight back. He basically stayed curled up in my arms that whole time I was there. It felt really good to spend my Saturday with all these sweet animals that want nothing other than a belly rub, cuddles and kisses:) Hope y’all are having a great Saturday as well!!


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