Gnu Bars

Love these bars…they are awesome! I am constantly trying out new snack bars, trying to find the perfect mix of calories, carbs, protein, vitamins and nutrients without all the other “junk” that you find on the usual ingredient list. I read about these in a magazine and ordered a free sample from the website and they are definitely my favorite find. First off, the fiber count is awesome….12 grams! The calories are just right for a snack…130. You can actually pronounce everything on the ingredient list and there is no high fructose corn syrup or other nasty stuff at all. Most importantly, the flavors rock! Unfortunately I have a hard time finding them in stores still, but it’s really easy to order a box online and the shipping is usually free. I just got a box of 10 bars, all different flavors for $7. If you like having healthy snacks around, then I totally recommend you try these.

On another note, Maddux got his summer buzz cut. Look at how handsome he is…he totally knows it too. Riley is next, which is going to be a very shocking change considering he looks like a polar bear right now.


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