7 miles down…6 to go

Hit the 7 mile mark this weekend, which means I am half way to my half marathon…a quarter marathon I guess you could say. We had a perfect day for running on Saturday with lots of sun and temps in the high 60s. The wind was a little brutal, but other than that, no complaints. Matt and I were very proud of ourselves afterwards. He joined me on the post run Whole Foods trip and food samples. Please do not judge my Casper-like arms…I have been covered up in sweaters and coats for several months now. After the run I actually I had a faint tan line from my sports bra, something I have not seen in quite awhile. It’s actually a catch-22 because although I do feel better when I have a little tan, my dermatologist does not. When I went for my check-up a couple weeks ago she kept saying how good my skin looked. Ummm ok, I guess if you think pasty white is the new “glow.” I guess I’ll just stick with my self tanner lotion. The boys enjoyed themselves at the park later that day.


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