Pretty pumped about the forecast for the weekend…mid 70s and sunny all weekend long! We will be spending tomorrow outside at the Funky Fish Fry listening to some live music and eating some good food. I guess I will have to throw in some studying too since I start exams next week. Speaking of food, you know I like to pass on good finds and this one is definitely worth passing on. We have been snacking on these awesome CHOCOLATE dusted almonds and I am pretty much hooked. Of course you get the health benefits of the almonds, but the light cocoa dusting makes them delicious and totally addicting. They also come in these nifty 100 calories packs in case you have a tendency to eat 2x (or 3 or 4) the serving size. They are BOGO free at CVS right now, so go get you some!

Poor Riley doesn’t know what’s coming for him tomorrow. He is getting his big time summer haircut and will probably look like a totally different dog come 2:00. Here is his before picture and check back tomorrow for his after picture.


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