Funky Fish Fry!

Our company was a sponsor for the Funky Fish Fry event this weekend so we had free tickets to go. We figured it would be some small event and we could just go hang out for a bit and eat some good food. We pull up and seriously this thing was packed! I swear I think all of B’ham was there. The food was awesome though and the weather couldn’t have been better.

Our friends Amber and Zack met us there. We actually went out after the fish fry as well instead of calling it a night at 9:00 like usual. I was pretty excited because I actually got one of those wrist bands. Don’t think I have gone somewhere to get one those since college. I was so proud of it I think I may wear it for the rest of the day today just so people will know I was cool enough to go out last night.

Oh and I did not forget to post Riley’s after picture. He got a little report card when we picked him up at the groomer and it said, “Riley was a very good boy.” We are not too sure if this is exactly true, but rather just something they write on every one’s cards, especially considering that he made numerous escape attempts when I was trying to fill out the paperwork and he was there for 4 HOURS. He looks very handsome though and has been making a point of prancing around and showing off when we go outside.


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