Random thoughts

OK, I know the Bible is not supposed to necessarily make you laugh, but please look over to the right side and read the Daily Verse for today (Thursday’s verse)…BAHAHAHA! I was not aware that we were paying taxes to “God’s servants” anymore. One could only hope that this were the case, and believe me, I totally wish I felt like it were. I am all for paying taxes, because obviously our local and state governments need this money for jobs, education, etc., but it makes me sad to know that the idea of paying to God’s servants so that they could govern our country has pretty much become a taboo assumption that is longer followed. I think that whenever I write a check to the government, I am going to make it out to “God’s Servants,” and then see if it is cashed. Ok, that’s all I have about that, but I just had to share my amusement. On a totally unrelated note, Matt wanted me to inform you blog readers that UK basketball had a big day yesterday and landed the #1 high school recruit for c/o 2010 and the #1 recruit for c/o 2011. So the winning seasons may just keep coming. This fares very well for this household. I’m no idiot, a good basketball season definitely means a happy home.


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