Matt turns 31 today! I know he is not excited about birthdays (aka getting older), so I figured I would put a positive spin on his not so positive take. In honor of Matt’s 31 years of existence, I have compiled a list of 31 things I love about him.
1. He loves animals, probably just as much as I do now, which totally cracks me up
2. When I am totally stressing about school/work/life, he reminds me about how blessed we are
3. He makes me laugh…seriously we spend more time laughing than anyone I know
4. He takes out the trash, something I DESPISE doing
5. He is such a thoughtful gift and card giver
6. He is a man of faith
7. He makes me feel good about myself when I am feeling not-so-good
8. He plays with my hair while we are watching TV…ahhhhhh
9. He runs tedious errands with me just so I have some company
10. He supports me NO MATTER WHAT and I always know he is on my side
11. He always makes a point to tell me I look pretty when we are going out somewhere
12. He loves his family and totally understands the importance of family values
13. I can pretty much bet that when I wake up Saturday morning, my favorite bagel and coffee will be in the kitchen waiting
14. He goes outside when it is freezing and turns on the seat warmers for me before I come out
15. He’s so good to Riley and Maddux…makes my heart melt
16. He’s going to be such a wonderful dad someday and I can’t wait
17. He gives me his honest opinion when I ask, and doesn’t just say what he thinks I want to hear
18. When I just want to vent and complain, he listens
19. We can totally sit out on the porch with some wine and talk about nothing for hours, and have the best time
20. He puts gas in my car…something I DESPISE doing almost as much as #4
21. He gets me a piece of candy whenever he goes to the gas station because he “just knows” I probably want one
22. He watches my silly shows with me (Vampire Diaries anyone??) and acts like he is interested
23. He then acts interested when I get all riled up and talk for 30 minutes about all the drama going on with the plot line
24. He always meets me out at the car to carry in the groceries
25. He never gives me a hard time when I donate to pretty much any animal rescue organization that comes along
26. He drives me to class and picks me up so I don’t have to park and walk
27. He gets along with my family like he has been a part of it all along
28. He does not complain when I make brownies with pureed prunes instead of oil
29. He teases me about the latest “chick flick” I want to see, but then usually shows up with it on Friday nights
30. He has a cute baseball player butt
31. He’s just the best husband…period.

I love you Matt and I hope you have a great birthday!!

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