So we have been making fun of the Snuggies ever since the goofy commercials started playing, but then I actually got to experience the Snuggie while we were visiting Jason and Amy in Nashville and let me tell you….SNUGGIES ROCK!! It really was one of the best things ever. When I got home from work today, my sweet husband had a pink Snuggie waiting for me. I immediately put it on. If you have been skeptical about the Snuggie, I recommend that you put your preconceived notions aside and bury your pride because I am telling you, once you go Snuggie, you will never go back!

Riley wanted to wear the Snuggie too

On another note, have you ever been to Trader Joe’s? I got to take my first trip to a TJ while we were in Nashville after reading/hearing a lot of hype about it. It was totally worth the hype and we so need to get one in B’ham stat. I would compare this place to a cheaper version of Whole Foods, so in other words, it’s pretty much the bomb. We got so much yummy stuff, and the bill was less than any of our usual grocery store visits. My fave items bought? The soy corn dogs (which taste amazing), the whole grain chocolate chip cookies and the wool dog toys. TJ is also famous for their $2 bottles of wine, but since Tennessee law prohibits the sale of wine on Sundays, Jason and Amy donated one of their bottles. Can you believe it? $2 bottles of wine that are actually really good?! If you ever have a chance to visit a TJ, GO!!


2 thoughts on “SNUGGIE!!

  1. This just brought a smile to my face! I'm so glad you now have the privilege of relaxing with a Snuggie on! They're the best! 🙂

    We've been enjoying our Trader Joe's goodies all week. I can't believe we don't go there more often! I think your trip reminded us how wonderful that place is!


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