It feels like Summer…

How is it not even Memorial Day and it’s already sweltering?! I mean, I start sweating just walking to the car. I waited till 6 this evening to go for a run so I didn’t die from the heat, and I still barely made it. I got probably a mile and my run turned in to a power walk. About another mile and I started to really struggle, then got light-headed, and then before I knew it, I lost it. I literally tossed my cookies right in front of a house with a white picket fence and all. Thank the Lord their kids didn’t witness this. They probably would have lost their cookies all over their little smocked outfits. Words of the wise….do not attempt exercise in 90+ degree weather, especially when you are running on limited carbs. On that note, we had the best lunch today after church. We discovered Red Robin while in Nashville a couple weeks ago and are now hooked. First off, you can pick from their gazillion different burger/sandwich options and then substitute a Boca burger for the meat. Then you can have your burger wrapped in lettuce leaves. This is ingenious. Matt and I had Boca burgers with all the fixin’s wrapped in fresh lettuce leaves with steamed veggies on the side (instead of fries). Totally vegetarian AND South Beach friendly, and the waitress didn’t even look at us like we were crazy hippies or anything. I heart Red Robin:) Other than our little outing today, we basically did NOTHING, and it was fabulous. Watched 2 movies….Crazy Heart (very good) and Valentines Day (a little disappointing and slow). Totally stocked up at the farmer’s market and tried a new recipe (Vegetable Moussaka), which I will try and post later this week because it was very tasty.

One short work week and we are off to Sarasota….WOO HOO!!!!!!! You will probably be hearing abou this all week…just a heads up. I am beyond excited!

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