Friday’s Five Faves

I have discovered several new things lately that are quickly moving in to my favorite items…
#1 Strawberry yogurt in the freezer. Place your favorite yogurt (I personally like Fiber One Strawberry or any of the Chobani Greek yogurts) in the freezer for a couple hours and wa’la, you have a healthy, refreshing snack that makes you think you are eating icecream.

#2 Jergens Natural Glow Face SPF 20. Moisturizer…check, self tanner…check, sun protection…CHECK. An all-in-one phenom that works wonders on my skin for only $7.

#3 Naturally More Peanut Butter. BEST.PEANUT.BUTTER.EVER. Lower in calories than most other PB’s and has flax seeds in it and tastes awesome.

#4 Wrapping things in lettuce. Tuna, veggies, hummus, veggie burgers…you get my drift. Use big romaine leaves to cover it good. Don’t need no stinkin’ 200 calorie rolls. I would rather save those calories for….
#5 Weight Watchers Icecream Candy Bars. Remember those icecream Snickers bars? Well this WW version has half the calories and tastes just like the Snickers version. Just don’t eat the entire box in one sitting. Not that I know anything about that…

Hmmm, is it bad that the majority of my list refers to food items…I think not.

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