Sorry about being MIA for the past week, but needless to say, I pretty much disconnected myself from the computer the whole time we were in Sarasota. Blogging therefore suffered. Alas, I am back, although I can’t say I wouldn’t totally give up computers and Blackberries if it meant I could return to the land of sleep, relaxation and [non-South-Beach] food. The real world of exhaustion, work, school and calorie counting is really not much fun AT ALL. My sweet husband had to console me the majority of the trip back to B’ham. Ok, I will not wallow anymore. We did have a wonderful time and it was truly a relaxing and memorable vacation. I don’t want to post a ton of pics, so I’ll just keep it to my favorites….

First night there, dinner at Barnacle Bills (too bad I don’t have any of the ride home, which was actually the highlight of the night…)

My sweet parents

Looking a little less pasty after a day at the beach

DaRuMa with our very dear friends Laura, Aaron and sweet Addison

Not very happy that I am taking his picture. We spent a lot of time at the pool for sure.

Notice my interesting tan line on my stomach…no clue

Daiquiri Deck (one of our first date spots 5 years ago)

Like mother, like daughter

Sharky’s….I almost took a picture of the sunset, which made me feel like such a tourist. Can’t believe we have been in Alabama long enough to consider going to the beach a “vacation”

Maddux ate his dinners LAYING DOWN the whole week. Obviously he was in vacation mode as well.

My parent’s house was definitely taken over by the “grand kids”

So happy to be able to spend some time with my grandparents

Grams just LOVES Matt…too cute

On our way home….Riley did not lay down for 1 second


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