My new dress

Love, love, love my new dress from Macy’s. I actually got a sweet surprise from my honey when he came home with this. I had been in Macy’s and saw this dress, but I have serious issues with buying new items when they aren’t on sale, especially in Macy’s, because you know they are going to be on sale soon enough. I came home and was telling Matt about the dress and how I was going to get it when it went on sale. I hardly gave a detailed description of it, but the next morning, he secretly went to the mall and somehow figured out the exact dress in a slew of summer dresses based on the minimal details he was armed with. I’m a lucky girl…because of Matt and because of my new dress:) Of course IT IS on sale now, but only the pink color. If you want a comfortable and super versatile summer dress, I definitely recommend this one.

Here I am ready for date night in my new dress

The pups all passed out when we were leaving

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