In regards to my post on the romper…

Matt sent me this link as his answer to my earlier blog post about rompers. I already knew that Matt was really not in to the “trendy” things in fashion, but now he has a so-called fashion expert to back him up. Out of the 10 things that this guy says men don’t like, I regularly partake in about half of them…HAHAHA! Now, I can understand the confusion with the zipper dress and the open toed boots (do women really wear this stuff???), but what’s so bad about the maxi dress?! I’m not hiding a peg leg under there..sometimes I just want to wear a long dress (generally because I haven’t shaved my legs). Anyways, the romper was one of the items on the “don’t list,” so I don’t guess I will be buying any rompers…

One thought on “In regards to my post on the romper…

  1. Matt is too funny. Have a great 4th of July weekend! I'm sure y'all have some fun stuff planned. Remember 2 years ago we went to DaRuMa and then TCBY afterwards- you felt Addison kick (when she was in my belly). Fun times 🙂 Love you guys!


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