Cowgirls and movies

Woo hoo, it’s a long weekend! I am so excited to just relax and do absolutely nothing! We are going riding tomorrow morning bright and early. I decided to sign up for some riding lessons for the summer. I called several places because I wanted to make sure the lessons were going to be “traditional western” (ie. no fancy stuff). I just want to learn all the basics so that I can go on my own whenever and feel comfortable. Well after talking to Mr. Ky (whom I have unofficially named Cowboy Ky) at Hidden Creek Ranch, I decided this was a perfect place. First off, it’s an actual working ranch. When I told Cowboy Ky that I really just wanted to know the basics to the point where I could handle a horse, he responded with “well what’s the point of just knowing how to ride a horse if you don’t know how to giddy-up.” I couldn’t agree more Cowboy Ky, I couldn’t agree more. In other words, I think I am now taking “cowgirl lessons” rather than just riding lessons. Cowboy Ky says I am going to learn how to take care of the horses, how to saddle them up, how to ride, how to herd and wrangle cattle…yes, I am pretty sure a lasso is going to be involved. More to come on this new endeavor, and hopefully some pics.

We watched a lot of movies this week, so here are my thumbs up and thumbs down…

Breach…true story about Robert Hanssen, an ex FBI agent that was accused and convicted of selling secrets to the Soviet. Totally recommend this one.

The Wolfman…good cast (Anthony Hopkins and Benicio Del Toro), but I totally could have done a lot of other things with these 2 hours of my life. Do not recommend unless you just particularly have an affinity for movies about werewolves (that are not near as attractive as the ones in Twilight) that tear off arms and legs for sport

Remember Me…this started off slow and a little cheesy, but at the end, I decided I liked it since it had a kind of twist. I give it a sideways thumb.

Dear John…if you liked The Notebook, or anything Nicholas Sparks in general, you will like it. I really liked it, but don’t think Matt would (I watched this while he was at his bball game).

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