I’ve got nothing….

I feel like I need to re-cap the weekend, since I usually do, but it was seriously kind of boring. This is funny because I usually complain when we have a lot going on and we don’t get much down time, but then when I actually have a low-key weekend, I call it boring. I suppose I’m hard to please. Matt golfed ALL DAY Saturday, literally, so he did take me out for a sushi dinner that night. When we got up for church Sunday morning, we were greeted with this monstrosity…

That lovely mess would be our trash from the week. To the pups however, it was a midnight snack. Included in the mess was an empty container of guacamole that had gone bad. We were wondering who would actually eat a container of moldy guac. After a potty trip later that afternoon, it was clear that Maddux had been the lucky recipient. I will spare you a pic of the green evidence. Sneaky little boogers those pups…we didn’t hear a peep when all of this was going on.

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