Most Annoying Celebrities

I want to take a poll…who are the most annoying celebrities? Now I am not knocking the fact that I LOVE celebrity gossip. In fact, thanks to my M.I.L., I have my very own subscription to US Weekly. I can hardly get on the treadmill quick enough when it comes in so I can read it cover to cover. However, there are some celebrities that really need to go. Case in point…

Heidi and Spencer Pratt, aka “Speidi.” I mean seriously, why exactly are these two famous? Spencer is just the most annoying person ever and Heidi is starting to look more and more like Michael Jackson everyday at the rate she is going with plastic surgery.

Lindsay Lohan…how many times can you get busted for public intoxication, DUI’s, missing court dates, etc. before you realize that there is probably a pretty good chance that your celebrity status is not going to get you off every time, and yes, you WILL end up in jail eventually.

The cast of the Jersey Shore…I don’t even know where to start on this one, and I couldn’t pick just one picture because there are just so many. Again, why are these people so famous??

Lady Gaga…now at least she does have some talent, but quite frankly, she just scares me.

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