Things I have learned so far this week…

1. Lugging heavy furniture, unpacking, extreme organizing, etc. makes you feel like you deserve large quantities of dessert and other high calorie treats, often multiple times in one sitting. In the past 3 days I have consumed frozen yogurt with crushed waffle cone chips, fro-yo with banana slices and chocolate chips, birthday cake milkshake from Zaxby’s (I must interrupt this list and say that this is quite possibly the best thing ever…find a Zaxby’s and get one NOW), fro-yo with peanut M&M’s, handfuls of jelly beans, a pumpkin muffin top and a blueberry muffin top…all of which are likely going to give me a muffin top.
2. Cable/Internet is really not as necessary as I once thought. The only show I really miss is watching Saved by the Bell re-runs while getting ready in the morning. Now when Vampire Diaries and football season start back, there could be problems…
3. I am pretty sure Maddux has “special skills.” I watched him intently stare at a dead bug on the floor. After stalking it for a good 5 minutes, he army crawled towards it and then ate it.
4. With the amount of Southern Living mags I have collected over the years, I could be on that Hoarders show. I seriously cannot make myself throw them away…I love them too much. They make me feel womanly and nurturing. I even have the pages dog eared with all the home decorating, gardening and recipes I like.
5. There isn’t anything that can’t be cured with a long, hot bath. I have been bathtub-less for 2 years until now and I don’t know how I managed. There is also nothing that can’t be cured with large quantities of ice cream…see #1.

One thought on “Things I have learned so far this week…

  1. I will have to keep this in mind for when we move in a few weeks 🙂 Thank God we do have professionals to move the big stuff. Although my problem/addiction is with books and hauling all those boxes from the garage to the house will be a lot of work! I just can't seem to part with any books and the collection is always increasing!
    I hope you are feeling more settled!


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