Back to the 21st century we go…

We now have cable and internet…hooray! I have a lot of True Blood episodes to catch up on…gotta find out what shenanigans Sookie and Vampire Bill have gotten themselves into over the last few weeks. The good thing about not having TV is that I have been forced to spend more time studying, which, considering that exams started this week, is a very good thing. I had my first one last night and I have 2 more next week. I know there are a lot of things going on that require prayers much more important than mine, but if you get a chance, maybe say just a teensy little one for me, preferably around 6:30 pm next Monday and Friday:) In other news, my parents are going to be here on Monday, which means that we are down to Kelly’s final few days in the McWilliams’ household. I was explaining to her last night that her new mommy and daddy are coming to get her and take her back to Florida to her new house. This is how she was looking at me while I was explaining all this…

Bless her little heart. She so deserves the happy and loving home that she is about to get.

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