Hello Friday!!

Friday came super fast this week considering that I had Wednesday and Thursday off to spend some time with my parents. I could get used to this kind of work week. We’ll forget the fact that I ended up with a stomach bug that kept me in bed ALL day Wednesday. Besides that, we had a really great visit as usual. I wish they lived here:( We also had to tell Kelly bye, which was harder than I had thought it would be. She is getting a great home though, so that makes me happy. Since I was feeling down after they left I decided to get some endorphins going and hit the gym. I was still feeling a little blue after my Jackie Warner workout, so I decided that the only thing that would perk me up would be this…

Choco Cherry Love Mini Blizzard:):) I was almost embarrassed to pull out of the gym and drive straight over to the DQ, which is in the same shopping center mind you. I know those personal trainers were watching me out the window and shaking their heads. Hey, I did burn like 600 calories!!

As for my faves for the week…

Crystal Light Pure Fitness (grape flavor)…these single serving packs are perfect for jazzing up my bottled waters and unlike the other CL packs, this Pure Fitness line does not contain artificial sweeteners, which for me means no headaches. Yay Stevia! For a $1 off coupon, click here.

This websiite….O.M.G. how cute are these game day dresses?! [You have to be signed into Gmail to view the doc]. This super talented lady custom makes adorable game day outfits in your team colors. These are not your ordinary t-shirts and sweat shirts. These are super cute dresses and tops! As of now she is only doing SEC team colors, because, well, the SEC is the BEST conference! Well the SEC and Florida State (love y’all Cheesmans!!). All the designs shown in the picture can be customized to your colors. I am totally ordering this dress…

This website…for anything and everything home decorating related, plus tons of other cute things. I particularly like this site for paintings and prints for the home. Everything is a little more eclectic and unique than what you might find in the usual home decorating store. Plus I love that you can get reburbished/recycled items. http://www.etsy.com

Chocolate Earth Balls…I had forgotten how much I love these until I made them again the other day. They are great on-the-run snacks. Click here for the recipe from Whole Foods.

The fact that tonight is my last final of the semester! 2 whole weeks of going home after work. I won’t even know what to do with myself, but not matter what I do, it is going to be F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.

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