Back to school?

A friend sent me this video because she knew how much I like this song. Ole Kenny always the best songs about having a good time. This is very Friday Night Lights, but it totally reminds me of football games and good times from the past.

I always get a little jealous this time of year when I hear about everyone going back to school. Yes I know I am still in school myself, but trust me, working full time and then going to law school at night hardly constitutes the kind of school I am missing. I am talking about the carefree days of undergrad and maybe even a little high school (Lord knows I will NEVER mention the very thought of missing middle school). Oh to have that kind of freedom again. I don’t think I realized how easy I had it back then. No responsibilities besides going to class and having a good time. I’m not much to really think about the past, but if I could do those glory years over, I would tell myself to definitely live in the moment and enjoy the ease of life, stress a little less because everything WILL work out, stay out of the sun, get more involved with student activities, sit on campus and just take it in…oh, and to definitely not get hung up over a broken heart because the perfect guy will show up in 2005:) Yeah I could totally go back to college for a little bit, but I would take Matt with me this go around.

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