Friday’s Summer Five Faves

In honor of Summer days starting to dwindle down, I am going to list my five Summer faves…
Lightning bugs…these are as synonymous with a southern summer as PB&J. Did you know that the flash of light is actually a mating call? When the female bug sees a male “flasher” and she’s ready to mate, she signals her “interest” by flashing back right after the male’s last flash. Hmm, if only it were that easy…

Farmer’s Market…quite possibly my favorite thing of summer all time. There is nothing better than fresh veggies and fruit picked straight from the vine.

Late afternoon thunderstorms…especially when I am home and can just curl up on the couch with a book and listen to the rain.

Sun dresses…my favorite outfit on warm days. Always stylish and always comfortable. This is the time to stock up for next year. They are on sale in just about every store. Lots of cute ones on sale at Zappos.

4th of July…one of my favorite holidays. Fireworks, live music, cook-out food and cold cocktails…what’s better?? Considering my affinity to don red, white and blue, this is also my favorite day for dressing festive.
Matt and I on 7/7/05 (right around when we first started dating)

5 years later….7/4/10 at Morgan Creek Winery

My least favorite thing about summer? Shaving. I am so tired of shaving my legs multiple times during the week. I’m ready for pants season so I can cut back to the Saturday shave only. Yeah, I’m pretty high maintenance like that.

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