Friday’s Five Faves

TGIF readers!! What’s on the agenda for this weekend…Paws for the Cause 5K bright and early, maybe a little shopping, football (duh!), get together with friends for some more football, church, studying (booohiss!), maybe a little baking?? I LOVE weekends:)

My faves of the week…

*Vampire Diaries…it’s back on the Thursday night line up and the premier was so good last night!! LOVE.THIS.SHOW.

*This video…Djaingo saying his morning prayers, Absolutely precious!!!

*The current series going on at our church…”At the Movies.” This is my favorite series of the year. Pastor Chris takes a popular movie (last week was Blind Side) and puts it in a biblical perspective. Each message is always so insightful and relatable and I always walk away with a meaningful lesson. More people make spiritual commitments during this series than any other month of the year, so you know it must be inspiring!

*Potlucks…I always love to see and try the different things people bring and it’s always a great opportunity to score some new recipes. This is the spread we had today for our office “Football Kick-off Potluck.” Gooooood stuff!!

*Journaling…I bought myself a journal to start writing in and I am loving it! So far it has been really random…sometimes I write to-do lists, prayer requests, recipes, quotes I hear, and ideas I think of, but a lot of it is just random thoughts. Either way, it’s a good outlet and I have found it to be very useful as well.

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