Orange Beach

Matt’s parents graciously let us spend a few days at their condo in Orange Beach and we had a fabulous time relaxing, eating, laying by the pool, eating, walking along the beach, eating, visiting, oh, and eating. I did get up and run every morning, but I am pretty sure that this still did not cancel out the amount of sweets consumed.

Perfect weather, perfect view

Stick me at the pool with a magazine and drink and I’m a happy camper…at least I know there are no critters in the pool

This was actually a fat free/sugar free banana split! Ingenious idea!!

No tar balls, yay!!

Stopped at the “Peach Park” on the way home and partook in this lovely bowl of deliciousness….best peach cobbler I have ever had – bar none.

Also spotted on the way home…quite possibly the best billboard I have ever seen. Just in case you worried that Matt and I were not living in a Christian minded region, fear not. If our souls had not already been saved prior to moving to Alabama, they wouldn’t stand a chance here. I am however a little worried being that we did not make it to church this morning…

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