It’s Friday…woop woop!!

The five faves…

1. Date Night! It has been a LONG time since Matt and I have had a night out, just the 2 of us, and it is much needed. Nothing special…just one of our favorite sushi restaurants (that we happen to have a coupon for AND that happens to have 1/2 price bottles of wine on Friday nights).

2. Impromptu birthday celebrations. Check out our decorating handiwork for a dear friend and co-worker. Happy 3-0 Colleen!

3. Babies…1 week old ones to be exact. A friend welcomed her first bundle of joy this past week and Cassie and I went to visit and love on him the other night. What a doll! I was 45 minutes late to class because I didn’t want to leave him. Look at the little outfit we got for him. Love that name:)

4. Dove Shea Butter soap and lotion…this is a the best line of soap and body care. Nothing can combat my dry skin during the cooler months like this combo. Good stuff and CHEAP!

5. And I saved the very BEST for last (well I guess date night should be the best, but this is pretty darn good too)…my new boots! I have been wanting (obsessing over) these for awhile now and asked (begged) Matt to please get them for me for Christmas, but then they went on sale this week, which never happens, so he let me have them as an early (as in, 2 months early) birthday present! They came in today. I L.O.V.E. THEM:)

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