Meet Doc!

We picked up Doc today from GBHS and so far he is doing really well. I was a little concerned because when we got there and were talking with the vet, she kept warning us that we are going to have our hands full and that he is very high strung. I don’t know if he is just trying to be on good behavior his first day, but we haven’t had any issues. He is so sweet and just wants to cuddle and chew on bones. He definitely has a lot of pit in him, and also some lab, although he’s quite a bit smaller than Riley and Maddux, and he has a total puppy face. Once he’s done with his treatment, he’s going to make a WONDERFUL forever friend to some family:)

Meeting Riley and Maddux. Maddux seems to like him…Riley just pretends he isn’t even here.

The whole time we were taking Doc’s pictures, this is what Riley and Maddux were doing….

…patiently posing and waiting to have their picture taken. As soon as the camera comes out, they sit and wait.

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