Happy Halloween Weekend!!

I didn’t think I would be doing my Friday 5 Faves this week because I am in Charleston, SC for Logan’s graduation! I decided to do the post before I left though and schedule it to post Friday afternoon because I do have a few things that I am loving this week…

1. My new red lipstick…I rarely wear lipstick period, but I always think red lipstick looks so classy when I see it on women in magazines, so I decided to try it out. After reading several reviews (yes it was THAT big of deal for me to buy lipstick), I settled on the Maybelline Red Revival color. I love it. It’s very flattering and not too over the top.

2. These cupcakes that some co-workers brought back from the one and only Carlos Bakery (Cake Boss)! They got to meet Buddy himself. I love the TV show and was so excited to actually get to try one of his cupcakes.

3. My Smith’s Rosebud Salve…this is the best lip gloss hands down. I’ve used it for years and will probably never find something I like better. It now comes in a tube which is very exciting since I don’t have to get my finger all gooey every time I use it.

4. The cooler weather that has finally decided to return just in time for Halloween…praise the Lord!

5. Family…so excited to see mine this weekend:)

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