30 Day Blog Challenge – *Day 19*

Day 19: Favorite Memory
Wow, I have so many wonderful memories, both from my childhood and my adult life. Some are really big and obvious (like our wedding), but there are a lot of smaller, simple ones too. There is one in particular that always stands out to me though. It was Matt and mine’s first “Christmas” together. We had been dating for about 6 months and Matt was living in KY at the time. My birthday is Dec. 21st so he flew down so we could celebrate that and Christmas a little early before he had to go back on the 24th. We picked up baby Maddux (Matt’s Christmas present) after I got Matt from the airport. I went all out and made a big Christmas dinner and we ate, exchanged gifts, played with our new puppy (and Riley) and watched Christmas movies way into the night. I just remember feeling so happy and completely content. I had been thinking that Matt was probably the “One” for awhile at that point, but it was in that moment that I knew without a doubt I would marry him…and a year later, I did!

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