30 Day Blog Challenge – *Day 21*

Day 21: Favorite Recipe
Oh my gosh, it is almost impossible to pick a favorite recipe, but I must say that one of my favorite go-to recipes is Thai noodles. I adopted this from one of my Moosewood Kitchen cook books and we make it a lot in our house.

Thai Noodles (adopted from Moosewood Kitchen)
1 package soba or rice noodles (you could also use whole wheat spaghetti)
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/3 cup warm water or apple juice (make sure it is warm…this helps to thin out the PB)
2 Tbs. soy sauce
1-1/2 Tbs. cider vinegar
1/2 tsp chili paste
1 Tbs. sesame oil
Cook pasta until al dente; drain and toss cooked pasta with a drizzle of sesame (or olive) oil and set aside. Whisk all other ingredients together until smooth. Toss with hot pasta. Sprinkle with peanuts if you want. You can totally experiment with this recipe and add veggies. I usually throw in some shelled edamame.

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