The Biggest Loser…

Doggy style!! Our vet is doing a “Biggest Loser” competition so we decided that this would be the perfect incentive to buff Maddux up. As you may recall from previous posts, Maddux is overweight. By overweight, I mean he has like 40+ lbs. to lose. We have been scolded multiple times by our vet, and considering how much of a health and exercise nut I am, I’m embarrassed that poor Maddux is in such bad shape. Not to make excuses, but it’s hard to exercise him because of his bum leg, and it’s kind of a pain to go buy him special diet food. Riley can’t afford to lose weight, so he eats regular food. When we have a foster dog, we use the food that GBHS provides. Then with Maddux on special diet food, we have to deal with 3 different kinds of dog food! This is craziness. Oh well, I guess we have to do what we have to do. Now a competition is involved and, well, Matt and I do not tolerate losing well. We (uhh, I mean, Maddux) must win this competition! The official start date is 11/15. We took him for his starting weigh-in on Saturday…96.4 lbs…and got his diet food and diet snacks. I’ll try and post regualr updates of his progress. We have quite the feat ahead of us. Go Maddux Go!!

Here is his “before” picture…96.4 lbs of tub-a-lub love.

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