30 Day Blog Challenge – *Day 27*

Day 27: My siblings
Meet my brother…Logan Byron Whitley! Logan is 5 years and 1 month (almost to the day) younger than me. I always said that I wish my parents had us closer together, but now that I am getting close to starting a family of my own, I can TOTALLY understand the benefit of waiting awhile in between, mainly for the sanity of the parents. Logan has quite the exciting life going on right now and sometimes I actually get confused about where exactly he is even living, haha! As you may recall from an earlier post, Logan is a nuclear sub officer with the Navy and he recently completed nuclear power school in Charleston and is about to head to Connecticut for prototype and then to Albany, NY for nuclear reactor training (I think??). Then he will be assigned to a more final location to actually start working on the subs. Whew! Did you follow that? Because of our crazy schedules, we don’t get to see each other near as much as I would like.

I often read things about birth order and the traits specific to each child. According to studies, the first born (ME) is usually very confident, patient, organized, energetic, logical, ambitious, a perfectionist, over achiever, selfish, and has a fear of being dethroned. They often choose careers that require a high degree of precision such as…..LAW! The last born (LOGAN) tends to be a risk taker, idealist, witty, hard working, secretive, sensitive, affectionate, creative, spoiled and manipulative. They often choose careers in sales and invention corporations where they can be their own boss. Interesting huh? I think we definitely fall into those categories to an extent. It’s funny because we do have a lot of similar traits, but Logan definitely favors the Whitley side and I definitely favor the Wessels side (my mom’s side).

So here is my “little” brother…

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