30 Day Blog Challenge – *Day 30*

Day 30: Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days

Wow, talk about ending the Blog Challenge with a bang. This is probably the most serious and insightful topic yet. I’m glad it doesn’t say “goals” for the upcoming year. Goals just make me think I have yet another task on my to-do list. And who needs more on their to-do list?! Not this girl. So anyways, my HOPES, DREAMS and PLANS for the upcoming year…

I HOPE to…slow down and smell the flowers! I get so caught up in everyday tasks and stress that it sometimes gets the best of me. You know that saying “hurry up and wait.” That’s me. I am constantly hurrying to do one thing, to then just have to wait for the next thing. Then while I am waiting, I’m already planning my next move. Slow down Leanne!

I DREAM about…finishing law school! A year from now I will be so close to graduating I will be able to taste it! I cannot even begin to imagine how amazing it will feel to finally finish. What am I going to do with myself after I finish? I guess that is up to the Lord and His plan for me. I do DREAM of doing something that makes a difference, especially with animal welfare. I want to be an advocate for them and actually do something to make the change we need in the legal system. I DREAM of a future where animals are treated with compassion and kindness, as living creatures that we respect and look after, instead of inferior objects that we disregard and abuse. We have certainly made some strides, but not near enough.

I PLAN to… save $!!!! No explanation needed here. Who doesn’t want to save some moolah?!

Well, this is the end of the 30 Day Challenge. It was fun. Hope y’all enjoyed reading. Maybe I’ll do another one next year. I doubt you will continue to see a post from me every single day, but then again, who knows?! I’ll do my best.

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