Friday’s Five Faves

I think I missed this segment last week…was kind of thrown off with the whole 30-day blog challenge. Anyways here are my weekly random faves.

1. The LC Lauren Conrad collection at Kohls…she has some super cute (and affordable) clothes. I picked up this sweater the other day and wore it with leggings.

2. Four semesters left of law school…can I get an Amen! How about a Hallelujah?! After some recent changes to the State bar requirements, our grad plans were revised. For some of my classmates, this cut out a couple of classes. For a few of us lucky ones, it cut out a whole semester and then some! My official graduation date is May 2012 (assuming I pass everything, haha). I can finally see the light…

3. Sarah Palin’s Alaska…great series Sunday nights on TLC. Whether you like her or not, you’ll like this show. It’s kind of a reality/adventure show with Sarah and family showing what Alaska has to offer. On the first episode (last Sunday) they went fishing and bear watching and then climbed Mount McKinley. The scenery is beautiful and of course I love the animals.

4. The Peppermint Mocha Latte at Starbucks. At first I was a little miffed when the holiday drinks came out because just as Mr. Pumpkin Latte and I were starting to go steady, these new guys entered the picture and took over. However, once I tried this holiday deliciousness, that other latte was a distant memory.

*By the way, now through Sunday, from 2-5 pm, all holiday drinks are B.O.G.O. Free! So grab a friend and go getcha two!

5. This beautiful place…can’t wait to see it in person tomorrow when we wreck some havoc on those Rebel Black Bears (I still have no clue what a Rebel Bear even is). Geaux Tigers!!

On that note, do you know how ANGRY I am going to be if this whole Cam Newton thing comes to a head and turns out to be true?! I just may march over to the SEC headquarters myself (which is in B’ham by the way) and protest right there because I.WILL.WANT.OUR.WIN.BACK! To miss out on an SEC Championship because of a loss from a team with a cheating QB…makes my blood boil (assuming it turns out true…otherwise I would just assume Auburn win the whole thing over any other team). That’s all I have to say about that.

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