It wasn’t pretty…

But we’ll take the win!! I swear I don’t understand how they make it by the skin of their teeth every single week. This season is going to give me an ulcer. We did have a wonderful time seeing the game and visiting with family this weekend. It felt like the quickest trip ever, but it was fun nonetheless. A few pics from Saturday….

Me, Matt, Jeremy and Emerson

Logan, this one is for you….someone painted “tiger stripes” on their Great Dane

Heading to stadium

Death Valley!!

Could it be a more perfect day?!

Emerson was such a trooper the whole game (as long as she had her popcorn and nachos)

Oh, and I totally got my baby fix this weekend with these two cutie pies:)

And because I have to include some cute shots of my boys (getting in the holiday spirit)…

In case you were wondering how Doc was doing….

He has made himself right at home to say the least. He had his final treatment while were gone, so he’ll be ready to be adopted in a few weeks:)

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