2010 Rewind

Each and every year is a blessing. I love to reflect on the fun memories from the past year and think about all the exciting things that will happen in the upcoming year. Some highlights from 2010…

*Matt and I celebrated 3 years of marriage

*We re-visited the 80s

*We enjoyed a snow day

*We had a few trips to LA to see family and LSU games

*We made new friends

*We celebrated Matt’s 31st birthday

*Steeplechase in Nashville

*Good times at Morgan Creek

*We moved into a new house and marked our 2 year anniversary of moving to B’ham

*Great trip to Sarasota to see family and friends

*I finished my 2nd year of law school

*We went to several fun events

*We fostered a couple sweet puppies

*And one found a forever home with my parents

*Atlanta for LSU’s opening game

*Orange Beach with J&T

*Charleston for Logan’s graduation

*Thanksgiving at our house

*Christmas in Sarasota

Cheers to 2010 and here’s to a blessed 2011!!

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