Friday’s Five Faves (books)

I have read so many great books lately, all of which deserve to be on my Friday 5 Fave list…

1. Little Bee by Chris Cleave….

Very eye opening and slightly disturbing but in a “I can’t put it down, must see what happens next sort of way.”

2. The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks….

The first book I have actually read by him. I have seen all the ones that have been made into movies, but never thought I would really like the books since I tend to veer away from sappy romance novels. Loved this though, which then led me to read…

3. The Choice by Nicholas Sparks….

I have decided that I like Mr. Sparks because he seems to use a lot of dogs in his stories. A major plus in my book.

4. Half Broke Horses by Jeannette Walls….

After reading and loving The Glass Castle, I checked out Miss Wall’s follow-up. It did not disappoint. She is an amazing storyteller who has had an equally amazing life story to tell.

5. The L.A. Candy collection (there are 3 so far) by Lauren Conrad….

I like her clothing line and now I suppose I like her books. This girl can do it all. Don’t expect to have your emotions or psyche stimulated….these books are just total easy, guilty pleasure reads, but her writing style is fun and snappy.

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