Friday’s Five Faves

Oh Weekend….I desperately need to get up close and personal with you. I look forward to savoring every last drop of the next 48 hours that I get to spend with you. We will watch movies, do some yoga, eat some junk food and spend a lot of time curled up on the couch in front of the fire. Take your time and don’t be hasty in making your escape, ok?

What have I been loving this week?

1. Getting flowers delivered at work, like this lovely bouquet I got on our anniversary. I tell Matt not to worry about sending flowers and just save the money, but if the truth be told, I LOVE getting them.

2. Clif Bar Minis….the best 4 bite, 100 calorie snack around. I especially like dipping them in a little almond butter and I may or may not have made a sandwich with them this afternoon. Two chocolate brownie flavored Minis with a little almond butter in the middle….DELISH!

3. The extra week of vacation I got off school because of the ice storm. I’m sure they are going to make us make it up at some point, but I’m a live for the ‘now’ kind of girl, and I thoroughly enjoyed the extra week of freedom we had right NOW.

4. The celebrity baby boom….Kate Hudson, Natalie Portman, Marion Cotillard, Owen Wilson (well, his girlfriend), and my personal fave….Alicia Silverstone! As far as I am concerned, her and her husband are going to have the most groovy, tofu-eating, animal loving baby ever.

5. This picture of Riley I took the other day while we were going to get some coffee. He looks like a cartoon. Cracks me up that dog.

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