And I didn’t think it was possible to prefer work over home…

But yes, it is friends. I have been dealing with this little stomach bug for a couple days. Rather than subjecting my co-workers to the funk, I went home early on Monday and stayed home today. Even though I felt pretty yucky, I was looking forward to getting in my pj’s, snuggling up on the couch and watching totally cheesy chick flicks. Peace and quiet is what I needed. Well I get home Monday and find “presents” in the living room, left by twiddle-dee and-twiddle dum. Obviously they have the funk too. Coincidence? Maybe. Or maybe I shouldn’t let them kiss me on the mouth so much. Is it possible for dogs to pass the funk to their human owners or vice versa? Matt was home for the next incident later that night. This is helpful because one of us needs to be able to hold the tail up while the other….well, you probably get the picture. Poor Riley. All dignity is lost when you are 7 (49) and your mom has to wipe your butt in front of your brother. This happened a few more times today, when I was home ALONE. No extra set of hands plus an already queasy stomach equals overboard on the yuck factor.

So embarrassed

Dude, I’m just glad it’s you and not me

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