Feeling a little uncertain today??

I love when my daily devotional really speaks to me when I need to hear it most…

In following these 5 simple directives today you will be pouring out God’s grace, not only to those around you, but into your own heart as well. You will be lifted up above the shadows of uncertainty.

1. Be clear minded. Stay focused on God and His strength and power. Look above the circumstances to His might and trust Him.

2. Be self-controlled. Pay attention to what is happening within your heart and mind and choose to dwell on the power of the Holy Spirit to help steady you. He will give you the power not to lean on unhealthy solutions in uncertain times.

3. Pray. Acknowledge God in every area of your life. Invite Him to come into your finances, your relationships, the question marks in your future and dialogue with Him about the uncertainties. Be sure to listen back to what He says by reading His word. This is not the time to allow dust to settle on your Bible.

4. Be hospitable. Look for ways to pleasantly offer hospitality to those around you. It may not always be in the conventional way of having someone into your home or sharing food. Hospitality is extending welcome, warmth and generosity in kindness. Greet your world in a friendly manner.

5. Serve others. In times of uncertainty it is easy to become self-focused. Keep an attitude that looks out for others. It will enlarge your heart in ways nothing else can.

And I LOVE how this prayer helps you to pray about a specific uncertainty in your life…

Father God, You are amazing in the clarity You give us as to how to live. Today the uncertainty of ________________ weighs on my heart. Please help me to stay focused on You today, to choose to rely on the power of Your Spirit within me, to pray about everything and to look beyond myself to offer kindness and love to those around me who also are experiencing their own uncertain times. Thank you that You give us all we need to walk today right where we are. Thank you that tomorrow You will again provide all I need. May I live in this day and in this moment sheltered in Your love. In the strong name of Jesus I pray with thanksgiving, amen.

Just wanted to share:) Happy “almost” Friday!

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