As in…Too Bad It’s Monday. If you are in Alabama or north thereof, you have noticed that winter has decided to visit again. What the #@*&?! I started my self tanning lotion last week thinking I would be baring some skin and ended up in sweaters, boots and scarves all weekend. Oh, and we also had a monsoon all day Saturday. The good news is that we have 60s later this week and all the rain is helping to wake up all the dead trees and plants. Look at our beautiful tree in the front yard…

Yay spring!

The weekend was pretty uneventful because of said freezing cold rain. We did have a little get together with some friends Saturday night.

Riley received his “summer haircut” which probably came a little too early this year as he is now freezing his buzzed butt off.

And after….

We also made an exciting commitment this weekend and joined our church! We have been attending Church of the Highlands for a couple years now, but decided it was time to make it official and become members. We completed our New Member training last night and signed our commitment letters. We LOVE our church and are so blessed to have such an amazing place to worship.

In other news, Lent starts Wednesday (no Matt and I are not catholic, but we like to steal this little practice from them) and we are giving up sugar this time. As in, all things that have any added sugar whatsoever. This is going to be a HUGE sacrifice for us, but I guess that’s kind of the whole point isn’t it?

I hope y’all have a fabulous week! Only 13 more days till Spring is officially here, but hey, who’s counting right…

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