So today on S.U.Y.L. at Kelly’s Korner Blog they are featuring kid’s birthday party ideas and themes. I debated about showing pics from the festivities we have had for Riley and Maddux, but they really are not that exciting, and we have not gone to the level of having actual doggie birthday parties. Usually we take them to the park and stop for icecream. I have bought a cake a few times, but usually I make them some homemade dog treats. If you have dog(s), you may want to try these treats (recipe from Whole Foods). Riley and Maddux LOVE them.

I may as well do some Friday Five Faves too!

1. Morningstar corn dogs (and mini corn dogs) are back! These wonderful veggie corn doggies disappeared for almost 2 years and we missed them terribly. They are back though (with a cool new mini version).

2. Bobbi Brown…as in, the make-up/skincare guru. This is huge people. I have been a devout bareMinerals user for several years now. If you know me at all, you know that I have a major aversion to make-up. My idea of everyday make-up is tinted moisturizer (with SPF of course), maybe a little powder if I am especially blotchy, my Tarte cheek stain, and if I am feeling saucy, a little mascara. bareMinerals has always fit my less is more tactic. However, after hearing many people rave about Bobbi Brown, I decided to try the Tinted Moisturizer and Sheer Finish loose powder. IN LOVE. Especially with the powder.

3. Justified…seriously, y’all need to watch this TV show. It’s hilarious in a very dry and sometimes borderline inappropriate way (it’s on FX a/k/a a slightly toned down version of HBO). For all you KY peeps, it’s a must-see because it’s filmed in Lexington and Harlan. The cast is the BEST. Wednesday nights on FX at 9 pm (central).

4. My jeggings! After swearing up and down I would never own a pair of these because I was convinced I would look like I painted my pants on, I found a pair I love at Gap. If you are on the fence about these, I highly recommend you check out the ones at Gap. They are very flattering and work perfect under boots.

5. Coming across totally awesome movies on the TV circa 1980s and 1990s. Just flipping channels the other day and find Son-in-Law, just starting! Ha, this movie cracks me up!! Whatever happened to Pauly Shore anyways??

2 thoughts on “TGIF!!

  1. I am lovin' jeggings myself! (And I too said I never would buy any.) I bought a pair of regular denim and black denim at New York and Company and have been loving them!

    Also, let me know how you like the Ocean Potion tan lotion! It does not get me as dark as Hempz did (I used to use that kind, too), BUT it is so much cheaper and works well enough for me! I don't care about being “super tan.” Have a great week!


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