Take just 1 minute and do something…anything…

A bloggy friend of mine posted the below video and this site and I absolutely cannot ignore it.

In all honesty I have been trying to avoid all the pictures, videos, news stories, etc. about the devastation in Japan. It really upsets and stresses me out to read and watch because I feel so helpless. I have just been praying every morning for the recovery, healing and peace for everyone and everything over there. People may think badly of me for saying this, but whenever a major catastrophe happens, the first thing I always think of are the animals. That is just where my passion lies. I would give ANYTHING to be able to go over there and save as many of them as I could, but unfortunately that is just not possible.

This site is great though because it allows you to specifically donate towards animal rescue efforts in Japan.
How To Help Japan’s Pets (Find Animal Rescues)

You can also go here to donate to the USHS’s disaster relief efforts for the animals in Japan.

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