Kiss me I’m….Swedish??

Matt and I usually have date night once a week and I was pretty excited that we were able to combine it with St. Patty’s Day. I felt like I was in college all over again seeing as how I haven’t actually gone out somewhere for St. Patty’s in like 5 years. We debated between a few bars and other festive places, but since we are kind of old and boring, we settled on a slightly classier joint (ie. plasma TV’s, not smokey, don’t have to cover the toliet seat with paper towels before using). Much more our style. This place was hopping though. We particularly like watching the singles trying to pick each other up. Good people watching.

Matt with his green beer….

It’s also Friday, which means I will give you some Friday Five Faves…

1. My latest lunch of soy yogurt, sliced, strawberries, bananas, blueberries, granola, pretty much whatever I am feeling. I mix all this together and chow down. I am so happy to have finally found a non-dairy yogurt that actually tastes good.

2. This amazing sorbet…Ciao Bella

One word – YUM. The list of ingredients is minimal and there is no added sugar. Plus there are chunks of real fruit in it. The blueberry one is amazing…little blueberries in it. I like to slice a frozen banana over it:)

3. Getting out of class early EVERY day this week. This never happens. Usually the professors keep us till the last second. They must have spring fever too. Last night we get to Property and prof says he has to be in Destin in t-6 hours so we are going to have to hurry through the chapter. Umm, OK!! Who am I to get in the way of an overworked law professor’s vaca with my “Well what if….” questions. (Yes there are some students that would gladly “what if” us to death every night.)

4. This video….

Pretty sure I would be more tempted to have a munchkin pronto if I could ensure it was as funny as this little guy. H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S.

5. Temps in the 80s this weekend! Holla!!

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