Movie Monday

Ok there are some really good movies coming out (or already are out) this month….

I am DYING to see Water for Elephants.  The book is up there with my favorites and with Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattison playing the leads….ummm yeah, fabulous.  Comes out April 22nd.  I’ll be there.

I love a good scary movie and this one looks all kinds of disturbing and twisted.  Is it weird that those two words make me want to run to the theater like a bat out of Hades?  Oh well, I like a good fright.  Insidious is in theaters now.

Like I said, I love scary movies and I can’t wait to see Scream 4.  Do yall remember when that first one came out?!  I almost peed my pants.  Good stuff (not the almost peeing in my pants part).  Comes out April 15th.

I’m also really dying to see the Lincoln Lawyer, which has been out for a couple weeks now, but with March Madness (as in, basketball takes over our weekends), we haven’t made it yet.

We’ve rented a couple good ones lately too.  I highly recommend The Fighter.  Probably my favorite movie of 2010.  127 Hours was also very good (I had to close my eyes during the “part” though).  Finally, The Tourist was surprisingly good.  I didn’t have much expectation for this one, but it kept my attention the whole time, which is a feat in itself.

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