Random thoughts on this lovely Wednesday

I really want this magazine

I secretly (or not so secretly anymore) want a subscription to this. It would be a nice complement to my Southern Living and, errrrrr, US Weekly. Not that I would really use a gun for anything besides protecting my little family from some baddies, but all the other topics seem oh so full of Southern lovelies.

I may be addicted to this new cereal…Kashi Berry Blossoms!  I have yet to find a Kashi product I don’t like and this new cereal is no exception.  Tastes kind of like those Captain Crunch Berries, minus the ridiculous amount of sugar, HFCS and Lord knows what else (sorry Captain).  I really like the way my almond milk tastes after the actual cereal is gone…

I cannot put down my current book, In the Woods.  This book is a MUST READ.  As in, I literally just want to hibernate for several days and do nothing but read it.  It isn’t exactly an easy read and it is taking me longer than usual, but I’m also a very precise reader and I don’t like to skim.  If I start to doze off or my mind starts to wander, I go back and read the last few pages over.  It’s a murder mystery/crime story, just in case those freak you out.  This author actually has 3 books, and her second one (The Likeness) is suppose to be even better.  Can’t wait to get going on it.

The no sugar for Lent thing did not exactly work out.  About a week into it we decided that we could have one cheat day (since that’s what the Catholics do and all).  Another week and we decided that, well, maybe we just shouldn’t have sugar on the weekdays.  A week later, it’s Wednesday and I just had approximately 7 gummy worms and a piece of Key lime pound cake.  We’re such losers.  Maybe next year…

Happy Hump Day!!

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