I’m back….

Don’t even know where to start.  What a week.  NYC was fabulous and I will be posting pics and re-caps throughout the week because there is just so much to tell/show.  As far as what happened around here, I can’t believe the tornado damage.  So many people called/texted us to make sure we were ok and I so appreciate that.  We were actually in route to Nashville because that’s where I flew out of.  I can honestly say it was hands down the scariest moment of my life traveling up I-65 during that storm.  We were literally surrounded by tornadoes and I have just never had that sense of helplessness or fear.  Matt did such a good job of trying to keep me calm.  I just kept saying prayers in the car and trying to to figure out an escape route in case we needed one.  The Lord was definitely with us and all those people traveling on 65 that afternoon.

Poor Matt was without power while I was gone.  This does not fare well when you are home alone with 3 dogs.  In all honesty though, after seeing all the damage and destruction in places like Tuscaloosa and Pleasant Grove, we can’t complain.  Not one bit.  Our neighborhood fared pretty well.  It was kind of surreal to be in NYC and see all the coverage from my hometown and surrounding areas.  Please keep all of these people in your prayers.  They need them.

Yes I watched the Royal Wedding.  I’m obsessed.  I was hoping there was going to be some stuff going on in NYC, but we didn’t see anything.  We just caught bits and pieces on the TV when we weren’t out gallivanting.  It was beautiful and classy and just perfectly done.

I woke up Monday to all these text messages from the night before asking if we were watching TV and were we out celebrating.  Huh?  I immediately turned the TV on in the room and saw what happened to Bin Laden.  The funny thing was that I was still awake when the announcement was made, watching some movie on TV.  I had already turned the ringer off on my phone though, so didn’t know what was going on just a few blocks from our hotel.  Logan and Holley were staying right next to the WTC site and said it was chaos.  I don’t really have much to say about Bin Laden’s death.  I’m glad he’s gone and can longer kill innocent people, but quite honestly, I am a little nervous about what his death means in regards to retaliation….

Ok this post was a lot longer than I had anticipated!  I will get pictures up throughout the week.  If anyone is planning an NYC trip in the near future, I have tons of recommendations for you!  We didn’t do a lot of “touristy” stuff this go around, which I really enjoyed:)

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