NYC Part Dos

The only “touristy” thing we really did was see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Fair warning, it is a pain in the butt to go. It used to not be this way. The last couple of times I have gone you just hopped right on the ferry and there weren’t thousands of people. This time we had to wait in ridiculously long lines to get on the ferry, off the ferry, near the statue, pictures…just a pain. FYI, buy your tickets ahead of time on the internet!! Seriously, this will save you so much time and allow you to skip some of the lines.

The best part of this day is that we got to see Logan and Holley!  They took the train over and we got spend the whole day together. 

Mom, Logan and I at Battery Park
Logan and Holley
Battery Park

Waiting on our ferry 

View of Financial District
See Logan and Holley waving?

We also walked over to the WTC site.  There has been a lot of progress since the last time I was there and it was just a giant hole.  Still very humbling to see though.

Later that day we strolled around SOHO, shopped and ate.

Waited in line just to get in Dash, and then didn’t even like any of the (ridiculously overpriced) clothes.
Bummed we didn’t see the K sisters
Dinner at Union Square Cafe….SO GOOD!

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