I’ve been slacking…

In the blogging department that is.  Classes started back this week after what felt like a 24 hour break.  We normally get a couple weeks off in between semesters, but with all the crazy weather we had last semester and class cancellations, exams and everything got pushed back.  I literally had an exam the night before we left for NYC and then pretty much started back to class a few days after we got back.  The silver lining of this merry-go-round?  I am in the homestretch.  This semester is going to be the worst yet rough, but after that, it’s a lot of senior seminar, bar review and electives.  I decided that I wouldn’t do a countdown until I hit the “less than a year” mark, but here I am!!  I even put an official countdown up top!  Matt and I are already planning our graduation vacation/celebration…

In other news, sweet Maggie has finished her heart worm treatment and is now ready to be adopted.  This is sad for us because it means we have to let her go back to the GBHS so her future family can find her (hopefully very quickly).  I am so sad to let her go.  I feel like I always say that with our fosters, but seriously, I am SO ATTACHED to this sweet girl.  I have to have Matt take her because I would start bawling.  Matt and I actually discussed keeping her, which we normally don’t even consider, but that would mean we couldn’t foster anymore (4 dogs would be waaaaayyyy to many in our small house).  Opening a spot up for another dog in need is what we need to focus on.  Hopefully Maggie will find an amazing home where she will be even happier than she is with us (totally not possible by the way, haha!).  In all honesty though, if any of yall have been thinking about/looking for a dog to adopt, please consider her and let us know.  I promise you’ll love her as much as we do:)

Just a little attached to her…

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