Part 2: How to get out of an awkward first date…only if necessary of course

(Missed Part 1?  Scroll down and read it!!)

I know you’re dying to know if I ever went to the infamous hot tub. Sorry to disappoint, but I stuck to my good girl guns and did not. I actually did not even go on an actual date with Matt until almost 2 weeks after we met. We did, however, have several phone dates. We talked on the phone pretty much every night, sometimes for over an hour, talking about who knows what. I was just really hesitant about going out with him since he was baseball player and they seem to kind of have a “reputation” if you know what I mean…not all of course, but a lot. I’ll never forget that after a few “phone dates” I told my brother about Matt. As soon as I mentioned that he was a minor league player, Logan’s eyebrows raised and I received the “you know they are all the same, and your best bet is to just stay away” lecture. This is hilarious now considering that Logan and Matt are literally like brothers and they are EXACTLY THE SAME, it’s almost scary.

So anyways, I finally agreed to an official date.  I picked a casual, fun restaurant with live music and good people watching (Cha Cha Coconuts for all you Sarasota people).  I also told him I would meet him there.  Casual and entertaining restaurant and own means of transportation…these are imperative requirements for a first date.  If your date ends up being a cheap stiff and asks to split the bill, or God forbid, have you pay, at least you know the bill won’t be too expensive.  If you have nothing in common to talk about, at least you can talk about the people around you and you have some music to listen to.  If your date just ends up being a total loser and you feel like poking your eyes out, you can get in your car and go.  See, you didn’t know you were going to get some first rate dating advice here did you?  [I later learned that Matt thought me bringing my own car was totally weird and that maybe my parents were crazy or something because I obviously didn’t want him to meet them when he picked me up]

We sat in a booth and Matt propped his feet up on his side and chewed on a straw the majority of the dinner.  This was kind of rude, but also kind of endearing at the same time.  He was funny and we laughed and talked a lot about baseball and college and our families.  I’m sure I talked a lot about Riley because I tend to do that.  When dinner was over, we decided to rent a movie.  So anyways, we are browsing movies at the video store and we run in to my brother’s friend who is picking out a movie to bring over to my parent’s house.  Totally pulls me aside and asks “Is that the baseball player??  He’s cute!”  I should remind yall that my brother did not know I had gone out with Matt and had been pretty adamant about telling me to stay away from him.  Crap.  Totally busted now.

We rented Sideways, which was quite possibly the worst movie ever.  We still joke about it.  What I remember most about the movie was that about half way in to it, Matt moved closer to me and I thought he was going to put his arm around me or something equally cheesy, but he started playing with my hair.  He did this for pretty much the rest of the movie.  He still does it when we watch TV or a movie at home.  Love it.  After the movie he walked me to my car.  [Insert total awkward, jingle of the keys, sweaty palms, do we kiss or not moment]  Then he kissed me, opened my car door and kissed me again, totally sweet and innocent.  Hook line and sinker.  Not all baseball players are bad.

Lessons learned:
1. I will thankfully never have to use my get-out-of-an-awkward-first-date tactics again…hopefully
2. Avoiding the “meet the parents scenario” makes a prospective date think A) You are homeless, B) Your parents are total wackos, C) Your house smells, or D) All of the above.
3. Not all baseball players are douche-bags.

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