Part 3: How to make your point without coming off like a total psycho

Missed Parts 1 and 2 of the love story?  Go back and read them!

We had one little mishap about a month into the relationship. I should probably note that our first month of dating was pretty much a whirlwind. We went out every single night, literally.  I know Matt was getting all kinds of heck from his buddies for spending so much time with a girl. On this particular night we met up at our favorite country line dancing locale…me with my girlfriends and Matt was with his guy friends. I’m assuming he had been enduring the standard, “dude, you are so whipped over this girl it’s ridiculous,” because he was definitely on an ego trip that night trying to prove that he was not whipped over me (he so totally was by the way).  I’m fairly certain I said something not very nice and stormed out of there. We talked very little after this incident. These awkward post-confrontation conversations went on for a couple of weeks. I was mad, and I am probably one of the most stubborn and prideful people you will meet, so I was not giving in or going to admit that maybe I had overreacted a little.

It just so happens that shortly after I had met Matt, this trainer guy from the gym where I (and Matt) worked out started asking me out. I kept saying no because I really liked Matt. However, since I was still sulking and Matt had royally ticked me off, I decided that I would go out with this guy. We went to dinner (it was obviously not exciting because I don’t remember much about it), and wouldn’t you know it, I run into Matt’s roommate! It’s so obvious that I’m on a date with this guy. I was embarrassed, but secretly a little smug because I knew he would hear about it.

Then the next day I am working out with that same guy at the gym and who walks in? Matt of course. I totally act nonchalant and focused on my “work-out.”  Matt keeps coming up to me and asking how I’ve been, what I’ve been up to, and oh, do I want to come over and watch Entourage later (this was a Sunday ritual for us until the “incident”).  I remember this so clearly.  I so badly wanted to be like, “sorry I have plans.”  But I couldn’t.  I did want to go over and watch Entourage with him.  I knew deep down that I liked this guy….a whole lot.  Dating ensued and lasted for 6 months with very few “incidents.”  Then a ring changed everything and my life changed forever.

Lessons learned:
1. Sometimes you gotta just suck it up and let boys be boys
2. Playing hard to get does work
3. God’s plan is seriously amazing

Dating for a few weeks here

Check back tomorrow for the engagement story!

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