Friday’s Five Faves (and a little S.U.Y.L. mixed in)

Hello!  We are back from New Orleans…it was wonderful!  I’ll have more on that later (and tons of pictures when I actually get some time to upload them all).  For now though, here is my list of the latest and greatest.  It just so happens that last week’s topic for Show Us Your Life at Kelly’s Korner was a favorite dessert, which was something I was going to mention anyways, so they will just be a part of my 5 faves:)  Go check out that topic though because it looks like people have posted some very yummy recipes!

1. Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunblock Spray…you can spray it on straight from the pool and it won’t run all over the place.  Oil free, waterproof, continuous spray.  Ingenous.

2. All the awesome movies coming out this summer!  Hangover 2 (already out), Green Lantern (June 17th), the final Harry Potter (July 15th), Winnie the Pooh (July 15th…don’t judge me on this one…it looks adorable), The Help (Aug 12th), plus lots of others!

3. Snickers Peanut Butter Squares.  I may or may not be addicted to these.  Most likely that’s a may.

4. Jason Aldean’s new song…Dirt Road Anthem.  Seriously, it’s good.  But then again, any guy that can write a song about a big green tractor can do no wrong in my books.

Download it here

5. Cake balls!  We had these for the first time at my aunt’s house in Louisiana and it was addiction at first sight!  I seriously could have made myself sick over these.  Matt and I made our own batch as soon as we got home.  They are sooo easy!.  Just bake a cake (we did the Pillsbury Funfetti) according to package directions.  Let it cool and then crumble it all up in a large bowl.  Mix in 1 container of your favorite frosting (we used the whipped cream cheese).  I just used my hands to to mix it all up and then licked every last one of my fingers.  Refridgerate the goop for awhile so it’s easier to work with, then scoop it out and roll into balls a little smaller than a golf ball (a melon scopper works good).  Melt vanilla almond bark in a small bowl.  Dip each ball into the bark, coating evenly, and transfer to wax paper to cool.  YUMMMMM!!

Yeah that looks about right…milk, peanut butter, hummus,
Greek yogurt, and a big ole’ tray of cake balls!

Happy weekend friends!  Pictures and Louisiana wrap-up will be up tomorrow…hopefully…

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